Contact us.

You can contact us using any method or platform you prefer: E-mail, Skype, Instagram, even by phone. We are always online.  

Meet with us.

Our first meeting will adress the job, price and deadlines. A very short conversation can enlight all your necessities (Duration: about 1 hour).


Initial measurements

A presential visit can be arranged to execute field measurements. This is more important in retrofit and reformation cases. The new project should fit precisely in the existent spaces. 


For your convenience, a project presentation is realised to keep you up to date about the mainly developments. This phase is repeated as many times are necessary and required. 


A presential meeting can be arranged to help you choose the right material to you project. Sometimes, it is necessary to feel the textures on your hands to be sure about the expected result. 


We keep you project under short surveillance when it is required and necessary. A construction managment and project supervision can be ordered. We have partnerships with several local workers. 


Now you can enjoy your new home! 

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